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10 Tips for Taking Amazing Travel Videos

Travel videos do an amazing job of capturing the feeling of a destination that's difficult to capture with a still picture. Use the tips below to create amazing travel videos of your next trip.

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Hold your phone steady on a single plane

The idea behind this tip is to avoid moving the camera around too much. You want the camera to move along the same horizontal or vertical line. Jerky videos can leave a viewer with motion sickness.

Move slowly

Videos that move too fast are another way viewers can get motion sickness. Plus, it’s hard to see the detail when the video moves too quickly. Make sure you’re slowly panning or walking with your phone.

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Move only in one direction at a time

It can be visually confusing if the video is going forward, left/right, and up/down in the same video. Try to pick just one direction. For example, if you’re walking forward with your phone, don’t also pan your phone right. Or if you’re panning your phone left, don’t also pan upward. This will help create a smooth video.

Use different movements to capture the same object

You know in food commercials, where you see a delicious meal from the left, right, and top? You can use the same idea with your travel videos. Different options include walking towards the object, panning left/right, panning up/down, or holding the phone still. Each of these options should be its own video to avoid creating a visually confusing video.

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Hold the phone still with a tripod or other surface

Some of my favorite videos are captured from a tripod or other surface. In these videos, the phone stays in one position and the subject walks through the frame. This is a great way to make sure everyone in your group is captured in the video, too.

Grip your phone tightly with both hands to steady it

It’s amazing how much our hands shake when holding a phone. Holding the phone with both hands will help steady it so that the video isn’t shaky.

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Turn on the stabilization setting

Many phones now have a stabilization setting. Do a quick internet search to see if your phone has this option and if yes, turn it on.

Adjust your phone's settings

The phone factory settings for videos are often set at a very low quality. Search the internet for the best video settings for your phone and update your settings.

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Don't use the zoom

While the zoom function is getting better on phone cameras, it still isn’t that great. Using the zoom will result in a very low quality image.

Clean your phone's camera lens

Some of us have been guilty of a foggy video because of fingerprint smudges on the phone’s camera lens. Quickly wipe off your phone’s camera lens before taking a video.

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