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Storied Escapes

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Travel Stories: Amazing Stories From Our Trips Around the World

Travel stories are an amazing way to keep the memories of our trips alive. We love sharing our stories with friends, family, and now, you!

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Istanbul, Turkey: Professional Photoshoot

What’s your favorite travel souvenir?

My favorite souvenir is a little unusual – it’s having a photoshoot taken by a local guide!

While I do love the casual selfie, I find I use the travel shoot photos over and over again.

Plus, it’s a fun way to experience the destination with a local guide while getting a lasting memory.

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Victoria Falls, Zambia and Zimbabwe: You might want a poncho

“We probably don’t need a poncho.”

I said these words to my friend Lindsay right before we approached Victoria Falls in 2014.

Turns out, we really, *really* needed a poncho. 

Victoria Falls straddles the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. Its combined height and width make it the largest waterfall in the world.

And its spray is like the pouring rain, soaking everyone who walks near it.

I visited Victoria Falls again in 2023 with my new friends, Jodie, Elise, and Mia, who I had met along my travels. This time, I wisely wore the poncho. 

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