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8 Tips for Taking Great Travel Photos

Travel photos are an incredible way to share your experiences with friends and family. The tips below will help you take great pictures to share!

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Clean your phone's camera lens

Does it ever seem like your photos turn out foggy? Take a moment to clean your camera lens. You’ll be amazed at how much this helps your pictures.

Hold your phone straight up and down

When you angle your phone to take a picture, it can create really wonky-looking lines. Make sure that buildings or the horizon are straight when taking your picture.

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Adjust your camera settings

Your phone’s factory settings may be set at lower quality settings to save memory. Search online for the best camera settings for your phone. This can make a huge difference.

Use the rule of thirds

The rule of thirds is an oldie by a goodie! Turn on the grid lines on your phone and try to have your object along the gridlines (which means the object will be off-center). You can also create a great photo by setting the horizon on the bottom or top grid line.

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Never use the zoom

When you zoom in with your phone camera, you’ll end up with a blurry, much lower quality picture. If possible, walk closer to the object rather than zooming in.

Stand at an angle

When taking pictures of people, have them stand at an angle. This creates a more interesting, visually-pleasing view, especially when paired with the rule of thirds.

Private Tours_Travel Photos_Sphinx_Pyramids_Egypt
Private Tours_Travel Photos_Pyramids_Egypt

Brightness and tint

If you’re taking a picture indoors, you might not have the best lighting. After taking a picture, use your phone’s built-in editing tools to play with the brightness and tint to improve the picture’s lighting.

Embrace selfies!

Selfies are a fun and convenient way to capture memories. Make sure your front lens is clean. Hold the camera as far away from you as possible at eye level or above. If you have a lot of people in the selfie, have some people stand a few feet behind you to capture everyone.

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