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Featured Destinations: Spectacular Places You’ll Want to Visit Right Now

The featured destinations below are some of our favorite places to visit. Each destination is truly spectacular in its own right.

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Wadi Rum_Jordan_Storied Escapes_Featured Destinations

Wadi Rum, Jordan

Wadi Rum really surprised me.

When I went to Jordan, I expected to love exploring Petra and floating in the Dead Sea.

I didn’t really think much about visiting Wadi Rum, a desert in Jordan.

I thought, I’ve seen a desert before and deserts are probably very similar, right?

I was so wrong.

Wadi Rum is stunningly beautiful. Fine, red sand floats along beautiful sand dunes. Gigantic rocks dot the landscape.

It feels like you’re in a Star Wars movie. In fact, it feels so much like outer space that Matt Damon’s The Martian was filmed in Wadi Rum.

I loved Wadi Rum so much that I can’t wait to go back and experience it again.

Lake Atitlan_Storied Escapes_Featured Destinations

Lake Atitlán, Guatemala

“Are you going to the lake?”

I heard this question over and over again from different local guides in Guatemala.

They were referring to Lake Atitlán, a lake located about a 2 hour drive from Antigua, Guatemala.

After about the 5th time I heard this question, I knew I had to visit the lake.

And I’m so glad I did.

Lake Atitlán is located in a volcanic crater and is dotted by volcanoes around the lake. Its sunrises and sunsets are stunning.

There are also little villages around the lake that you can visit by boat.

But I loved the view so much that I spent most of my trip to Lake Atitlán just relaxing and soaking in the incredible view.

Storied Escapes_Cappadocia_Hot Air Balloons_Turkey

Cappadocia, Turkey: Hot Air Balloons

Soaring high in Cappadocia, Turkey!

Flying in a hot air balloon high above Cappadocia, Turkey is a bucket list item for many people. And for good reason!

If weather conditions are right, over 150 balloons dot the early morning sky, as the sun slowly rises. The balloons drift above incredible rock formations that seem from another world.

It’s truly a fantastic experience.

But if the wind is too fast on a particular day, the balloons can’t fly.

For this reason, you’ll want to stay multiple nights in Cappadocia to increase your chances of taking flight.

I stayed 3 nights in the Cappacodia area in May 2023. The first and second days were too windy for the balloons to fly.

But luckily, on the third day, conditions were perfect and we took flight!

It was one of my favorite travel experiences yet.

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