Storied Escapes

Storied Escapes

Ecuador Itinerary_Storied Escapes_Galapagos_Seals_Beach

Sample Ecuador Itinerary: 10-Day Private Ecuador Tour

Embark on a diverse Ecuadorian adventure on this 10-day Ecuador itinerary. Discover Quito's historic charm, embark on an exhilarating Galápagos cruise, and immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Cuenca.

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Find all this and more on this incredible itinerary!

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This tour is fully customizable to match your travel preferences and budget. Simply fill out our Trip Design Form and one of our travel advisors will be in touch to plan your dream trip.

Sample Ecuador Accommodations

Below is a sample of Ecuador's incredible accommodations.
Accommodations for this Ecuador itinerary can be adjusted for travel preferences, budget, and availability.

Below is a sample of Ecuador's incredible accommodations.
Accommodations for this Ecuador itinerary can be adjusted for travel preferences, budget, and availability.

Ecuador Itinerary_Storied Escapes_Swissôtel Quito​

Swissôtel Quito

Enjoy luxurious comfort with stunning city views and top-notch amenities in the heart of Quito.

Ecuador Itinerary_Storied Escapes_Aqua Mare

Aqua Mare

Exquisite Galápagos yacht offering luxurious cabins, fine dining, and unforgettable island adventures.

Ecuador Itinerary_Storied Escapes_Sheraton Guayaquil Hotel​

Sheraton Guayaquil Hotel

Modern elegance with exceptional service, close to shopping and dining in vibrant Guayaquil.

Ecuador Itinerary_Storied Escapes_TRYP by Wyndham Cuenca Zahir​

TRYP-Wyndham Cuenca Zahir

Stylish, contemporary hotel with great city views, central location, and excellent amenities in Cuenca.

Sample Ecuador Itinerary

Explore Quito’s history, embark on a thrilling Galápagos cruise, and delve into Cuenca’s culture on this 10-day Ecuador itinerary.

Ecuador Itinerary_Storied Escapes_Quito

Day 01. Welcome to Quito

After arriving in Quito, enjoy a private transfer to your accommodations. Rest and relax as you acclimate to the altitude and prepare for the adventures ahead. 

Ecuador Itinerary_Storied Escapes_Quito 2

Day 02. Equator & Quito Highlights

Today, stand in the center of the world on the equator. Explore Quito’s beautiful plazas and churches, and indulge in the delicious cuisine.

Ecuador Itinerary_Storied Escapes_Galapagos_Raft_Beach

Day 03. Journey to the Galápagos

Fly to Baltra, Galápagos, where you’ll transfer to your cruise ship for your Galápagos adventure.

Ecuador Itinerary_Storied Escapes_Galapagos_Giant Tortoise

Days 04-06. Galápagos Cruise

Explore the Galápagos Islands from your cruise ship. Encounter giant tortoises, marvel at blue-footed boobies, and snorkel alongside sea lions.

Day 07. Journey to Guayaquil

Fly to Guayaquil to start your next adventure. Enjoy a lovely dinner and overnight in preparation for tomorrow’s trip to Cuenca.

Ecuador Itinerary_Storied Escapes_Cuenca

Days 08-09. Cuenca Highlights

Journey to Cuenca. Enjoy Cuenca’s historic charm, visit the impressive Ingapirca ruins, and discover local markets and artisan shops.

Ecuador Itinerary_Storied Escapes_Galapagos_Crabs 2

Day 10. Farewell to Ecuador

Bid farewell to Ecuador, leaving with cherished memories of its diverse landscapes, rich heritage, and warm hospitality.

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